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Tags filter

The Tags filter in GuardREC® Compliance allows you to search for recordings based on specific tags that have been applied to them. Tags can be used to categorize or highlight specific themes or topics across different communications.

Here's how to use the Tags filter.

  • To access the Tags filter, click on the filter icon and select Tags from the dropdown list.

  • Once you've selected the Tags filter, you'll need to enter the specific tag you're interested in. As you type, the system will suggest matching tags based on your input.

  • After selecting or entering a tag, the system will filter the recordings to only show those that have been tagged with your selected keyword.

  • When adding multiple Tags to the filter, the system applies 'OR' logic. This means the search results will include recordings with any of the specified Tags, not recordings with all of them at once.

The Tags filter is an effective tool for zeroing in on specific topics or categories of interest across a range of communications.

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