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Introduction to Filters

GuardREC® Compliance is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find the recordings you need. Whether you're conducting an audit or investigating a specific communication, our filtering system is here to help you narrow down your search.

What can you filter?

The system provides a comprehensive set of filters, allowing you to specify your search based on a wide range of parameters such as Date & Time, User, Client, Content, and many more. Each filter option can be combined to help you refine your search to match your exact needs. For a detailed overview of all filter options – and how to use each of them – check out the Filter Options Overview.

Default filters

By default, three filters are automatically applied to your search: Date & Time, From/To, and User. These can be adjusted as needed, and additional filters can be added to narrow down your search results further.

Adding Filters

You can add more filters by clicking the filter icon in the filter bar. This will allow you to customize your search further to meet your specific requirements. Learn how to add filters here.

Saving and Managing Filters

For frequent searches, you can save your filter settings for quick and easy access in the future. Saved filters can be updated, switched between, or deleted as needed. Learn how to save and manage filters here.

Clearing Filters

If you need to start a new search or wish to remove a specific filter, the system provides options for clearing individual filters or all filters at once. Learn how to clear filters here.

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