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Adding filters

Filters are a powerful tool in GuardREC® Compliance that help you pinpoint specific recordings. By default, there are a few filters already set up, but you can add more to refine your search further. This guide will show you how.

Default Filters

When you start, there are three default filters already set up:

  • Date and Time: This filter is set to 'Today' by default. It allows you to filter recordings based on when they occurred.

  • From/To: This filter lets you search for recordings based on the identifiers of the caller/sender ('From') and receiver ('To') of the communication.

  • User: This filter allows you to search for recordings associated with specific users in your organization.

Adding More Filters

To add more filters to your search:

  1. Click on the filter icon: This icon is located at the top of the filters section.

  2. Select a filter from the dropdown list: When you click the filter icon, a dropdown list will appear with all the available filters.

  3. Add your criteria to the filter: After selecting a filter, enter your specific criteria in the input field that appears.

For a detailed overview of all available filters – and how to use each of them, you can visit our Filter Options Overview page.

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