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Adding Users

This guide will walk you through the process of adding a new user in GuardREC® Compliance.

To manage users, you must have the Manage User permission. If you do not have this permission, please contact your system administrator.


  1. Log into GuardREC® Compliance and Navigate to the Users section

    • Start by logging into GuardREC® Compliance.

    • Once you're in, navigate to the Administration.

    • From there, go to the Users section.

  2. Select the Appropriate User Group

    • Users are structured in a tree-like structure, where each folder represents a Group or Department. Navigate this structure to find the Group or Department you want to add the new user to.

  3. Initiate the Add User Process

    • Right-click on the desired Group/Department and select Add User. If any Roles and/or Whitelists are applied to this User group, the new user will automatically inherit these.

  4. Enter the New User's Information

    • A dialogue box will appear for you to fill out. Here, you'll need to enter the following:

      • Username

      • Full name

      • Password (This will serve as a one-time password.)

      • Confirm Password

  5. Add the New User

    • After you've entered all the information above, click Add to create the user.

  6. Enter User's email address

    • After clicking 'Add', the User Details for this user will open. Be sure to enter the user's email address in the Email field. Note that authentication codes will be sent to this email address when the user logs in.

  7. Set Password Change Requirement

    • If you want the user to change their password upon their first login, check the box labelled "Require password change".

  8. Save the User Details

    • Click Save after completing steps 6 and 7.

  9. Add devices (Applicable to Recorded Users only)
    At this point, if you've added a Recorded User, you must add the devices that will be associated with this user. This is a crucial step as it ensures recordings from these devices are properly stored under this user.

You can continue to configure the user's settings, such as Adding Roles and Granting Access to Recordings.

Based on your company policy, the Recorded User should not necessarily have access to GuardREC® Compliance. However, if access is needed, you can send an email with the login details and this guide to help the new user log in.

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