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Log in to GuardREC® Compliance

This article describes how to log in to GuardREC® Compliance.

Your company has a unique login page. Ask your System Admin to provide you the URL.

  1. Open your browser.

  2. Go to your company's login page for GuardREC® Compliance.

  3. Enter your username and password.

  4. Click Login.

  5. Enter the authentication code sent to your email or your authenticator app and click Verify.

If you don’t get the authentication code by email

  • It may take a few minutes before you get the authentication code by email.

  • Check your Spam or Bulk Mail folders if you do not see the email in a few minutes.

The authentication code doesn’t work. What do I do?

This might happen if you click Resend multiple times too quickly: You will get multiple codes. However, only the last code sent is valid. Wait a couple of minutes without clicking resend, and make sure to enter the last code sent to you by email.

Logging in for the first time?

  • If you have been provided with a username and password, use this when logging in for the first time. You may be required to set a new password.

  • If you have been provided with a username only, follow the steps to reset your password.

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