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Adding Devices to a User

This guide will walk you through the process of adding devices to users in GuardREC® Compliance. Adding devices to Recorded Users is necessary to ensure that recordings from these devices are properly stored and associated with the respective user.

To add devices to users, you must have the Manage User permission. If you do not have this permission, please contact your system administrator.


  1. Log into GuardREC® Compliance and Navigate to the User Management Section

    • Start by logging into GuardREC® Compliance with your administrator account.

    • Once you're in, navigate to the Administration section.

    • From there, go to the Users section.

  2. Select the User

    • In the Users section, you can search for a user in the search bar to quickly find the user you want to add a device to. Once found, select the user.

  3. Open the Devices Tab

    • Once you have selected the user, click on the Devices tab.

  4. Add a Device

    • Click on Add device. A dialog box will pop up for you to fill in the following details:

      • Identifier: The identifier depends on the Device type, but most often, it is a phone number (ensure phone numbers are prefixed with the correct country code, e.g. +44 for UK numbers). For certain device types like Teams, Refinitiv Eikon, and Bloomberg, the identifier is an email address.

      • Device Type: Select the appropriate Device Type from the drop-down menu.

      • Comment: This is an optional field where you can add any relevant notes about the device.

      • Shall Record: Ensure the box is ticked off. If the box is not ticked off, recordings received on this device will be discarded and will not trigger alarms.

      • Tags: This is an optional field for adding any relevant tags for the device.

    • Once all necessary fields are filled out, click Save.

GuardREC® Compliance does not itself perform the actual recording but instead receives recorded data from the external source. Therefore, it's essential that recording is activated on the device within this external source. For instance, for Teams recording, your system admin must assign a compliance recording policy on the user in your organization's Teams tenant.

  1. Activate Recording on the User in the External Source
    Activate recording for the user within the external source that will be recorded. The process of activating recording in the external source will depend on the source itself. If you're unsure how to perform this step, please reach out to GuardREC for guidance.

  2. Verify Setup and Recording

    • Once you've assigned a device to a user and recording is activated in the external source, it's important to confirm that it has been configured correctly. This can be done by conducting a few test calls or sending messages to the device and then checking to see if these test recordings have been received.

    • If no recordings appear in GuardREC® Compliance, double-check the following aspects:

      1. Make sure the device has been set up correctly in Step 4.

      2. Ensure that recording has been activated on the respective external source.

      3. Ensure that you have been granted access to the recordings associated with this device and that you have the View Record permission.

For more detailed information or further assistance, refer to the additional resources or contact our support team.

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