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Deleting Users

In certain situations, you may need to delete a user from the GuardREC® Compliance system. This is a significant action with the following implications:

Key points

  • Recordings Deletion: Any recordings associated with the deleted user will be permanently deleted from the system.

  • Audit Trail Deletion: The audit trail for this user, detailing their activity within the system, will be permanently deleted.

  • Account Deletion: The user account itself will be permanently deleted.

It's recommended that a user should only be deleted when all the recordings associated with this user have been deleted based on your retention policy, and when you are no longer required to review the audit trail for this user.

To delete users, you must have the Manage User permission. If you do not have this permission, please contact your system administrator.


  1. Log into GuardREC® Compliance

    Log in to GuardREC® Compliance using your administrator account.

  2. Navigate to User Management in GuardREC® Compliance

    Access the 'Administration' section and click on the 'Users' tab.

  3. Select the User to Delete

    Use the search bar in the Users section to quickly locate the user you wish to delete. Select them once found.

  4. Delete the User

    Right-click on the selected user and select 'Delete User'. Confirm your choice in the dialog box that appears.

Please note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone. It should only be performed when you are certain that no further access to the user's recordings or audit trail is necessary.

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