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Assigning Roles to a User Group

This guide will walk you through the process of assigning roles to a User Group in GuardREC® Compliance.

To assign roles to User Groups, you must have the Manage User permission. If you do not have this permission, please contact your system administrator.

Assigning a role to a User Group will mean that all users within that group and any subgroups will automatically inherit this role. If you remove a role from a User Group, this will also remove the role from all users within that group and any subgroups.


  1. Log into GuardREC® Compliance and Navigate to the User Management Section

    • Start by logging into GuardREC® Compliance with your administrator account.

    • Once you're in, navigate to the Administration section.

    • From there, go to the Users section.

  2. Select the User Group

    • In the Users section, you can search for a User Group in the search bar to quickly find the group you want to assign a role to. Once found, select the User Group.

  3. Open the Roles Tab

    • Once you have selected the User Group, click on the Roles tab.

  4. Assign the Role

    • In the Roles tab, you will see a list of all the roles you have created. Select the appropriate role to assign it to the User Group.

  5. Save the Changes

    • Once you've assigned the appropriate role, be sure to click Save to apply the changes.

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