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Granting Access to Recordings

This guide will walk you through the process of granting access to recordings in GuardREC® Compliance.

In GuardREC® Compliance, you control access to recorded data at a granular level, tailoring it to the specific needs of individual users.

  • By default, new users do not have access to any recordings.

  • When granting access to a specific user group, the user will automatically have access to all users and devices within this group or any of its subgroups. However, this is fully customizable and you can manually exclude specific devices, users, or subgroups as needed to refine the access permissions.

Access options are flexible and varied:

  • No Access: Users are barred from accessing any recorded data. For example, system admins who are responsible for maintaining the system might not need to access the recorded data.

  • Specific Devices: Ideal for system administrators who need temporary access to validate device setups and verify recording.

  • Specific Users: You can give users access to all data tied to specific other users. For example, a Recorded User can be granted access to their own recordings.

  • Specific User Group: Allow a user to access all data from all users within a specified group. For example, a Compliance Officer might need access to data related to users in specific regions, such as UK and Europe, but not users in Singapore and Australia.

  • Access to All Data: For users requiring a comprehensive overview, this option grants full access to all recorded data. This is usually suitable for high-level compliance officers who need to monitor all recorded data.

To grant access roles to recordings, you must have the Manage User permission. If you do not have this permission, please contact your system administrator.

Remember that users must have the View Record permission in order to see the recordings they've been granted access to.


  1. Navigate to User Management in GuardREC® Compliance

    • Log in to GuardREC® Compliance.

    • Access the Administration section.

    • Click on the Users tab.

  2. Select the Appropriate User

    • Use the search bar in the Users section to quickly locate the user you want to grant access to. Select them once found.

  3. Access the Device Access Tab

    • With the user selected, open the Device Access tab.

  4. Assign Access Permissions

    • At first, the list displays only the groups, users, or devices the selected user already has access to. If no access has been granted, the list will be empty. Click the Show Unaffected button to see all user groups, users, and devices.

    • Right-click on the device, user, or user group you want to give the user access to, and select Include.

  5. Confirm Changes

    • Once you're satisfied with the assigned access levels, hit Save to finalize.


  • If a user should have access to most, but not all data, start by including the top-level group, and then exclude the groups, users, or devices you want to exclude.

  • To reset the access level to None on any device, user, or user group, simply right-click and select Clear.

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