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Import Clients from a CSV File

This guide is designed to help you import Clients into GuardREC® Compliance from a CSV file.

This functionality can be particularly useful when you have a large number of clients to add, allowing you to avoid manual data entry.

Prepare Your CSV File

Your CSV file should follow this format, without a header:

Name, GroupName/CompanyName, IsBlacklisted, DeviceIdentifier1, DeviceIdentifier2, ....

Here's what each parameter means:

  • Name: Client’s name or ID.

  • GroupName/CompanyName: Name of the client’s associated group or company (e.g., Aurora Securities). If you're importing directly into a group or company, you can leave this field blank. If a Group/Company is included and it's different from the group or company you're importing into, the import will respect the provided name and associate the clients with that group or company.

  • IsBlacklisted: This can be either 'true' or 'false'. If 'true', the client will be blacklisted, and a blacklist risk will be added to all conversations with this client.

  • DeviceIdentifier: These are the client's contact details, like phone numbers or email addresses. You can add as many Device Identifiers to a client as you want.

  • Phone numbers must be prefixed with an international calling code (e.g., +47 for Norway). If not, the system-defined default will be prepended

  • The CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded.

  • In order to update existing clients the CSV file must contain DeviceIdentifiers of these clients.
    First import: Adam Veile,,true,+4783476583,
    Second import: Adam Veile,,true,+4783476583,,+4794632134
    Resulting in '+4794632134' being added to the client 'Adam Veile'.

  • Due to current system restrictions existing clients without devices (DeviceIdentifiers) will not be updated through an import. A duplicate client entry will be created in these cases, and subsequent imports will update this client.

Example CSV content:

John Smith,Aurora Securities,false,+4794653845,
Adam Veile,,true,+4783476583,

Import your CSV File

You’ll need the Manage Clients permission to import Clients.

  1. Log in to GuardREC® Compliance.

  2. Navigate to Administration -> Clients.

  3. Right-click on the group or company you want to import the clients to, then click Import.

  4. In the import dialogue, click Browse and select your CSV file.

  5. After selecting your CSV file, click Import.

Preview import

After selecting your CSV file a preview of the import results will be shown through the use of several tabs.

  • New: Displays clients and related devices created as a result of the import.

  • Updated: Clients and devices that have been updated/changed.

  • Unchanged: A non-clickable tab that displays the number of clients included in the imported file that were identical to existing clients in the system. These clients will not be affected by the import.

  • Errors: Displays error information about clients and devices that could not be imported. Affected clients will not be imported.

Verify the imported clients

Once the import process is complete, verify that the clients have been correctly imported. You can do this by checking the client list under the group or company you chose to import the clients to.

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