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Single Sign-On (Azure AD)

This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling SSO when using Azure AD synchronization.


Single Sign-On (SSO) will enable the user to login to GuardREC Compliance with same username and password as already used on the computer. Login will be handled automatically and no need to enter a separate password.

Step1: Create app registration in customer tenant

To enable GuardREC Compliance to use SSO, access has to be granted in the customer tenant. This is done by creating an app registration.

To create an app registration, the user must have admin rights

Create the app registration with the following setup

  • Account Type: Multi-tenant access

  • Redirect URI Platform: Web

  • Redirect URI:

  • Authorization: Enable usage of ID tokens

Step 2: Provide info to GuardREC

In order to enable SSO, GuardREC needs to setup this in the system. Provide the following information:

Tenant ID

ID of the customer tenant

Client ID

ID of the app registration with ID tokens enabled

Step 3: Login using SSO

When SSO setup is enable, users can login to GuardREC Compliance using SSO.

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