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GuardREC® Compliance 2023.3

May, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of GuardREC® Compliance 2023.3. This version primarily focuses on system stabilization and under-the-hood improvements to enhance the overall user experience. However, we also introduce a variety of new features and improvements that we believe will help streamline your workflow even further.

What's New ⭐

  • Support for the new export format to Finanstilsynet: We have added support for exporting data in a format compatible with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. For step-by-step instructions on how to use this feature, please visit this guide.

  • CSV-import of Clients: You can now import clients via CSV files.

  • Recording profiles for Telenor audio: You can now set time-bound recording profiles—for instance, you can configure the system to record only Monday-Friday during business hours (8-16 CET). The recording profiles can be assigned to specific individuals or groups. This feature currently only supports Telenor audio recording (not SMS/MMS). Furthermore, we are working towards expanding this feature to include other capture plugins in the future.

Improvements 🛠

  • Device Type Column: The Activity view now displays a device type column by default, showing device types like Teams, WhatsApp, Refinitiv Eikon etc.

  • Improved Details Panel: The details panel no longer overlaps with the selected record, making it easier to view and navigate.

  • New Cases Tab: We've added a new tab in the details panel to display which cases the record is a part of.

  • Button to close detail panel: We have added a button to close the details panel.

  • Renaming and Closing Cases: We've added the ability to rename cases and a new button to close a case.

  • Case Management: The system remembers the last selected case when adding records to it. Plus, you can search in cases when adding records to an existing one.

  • Quick Participant Display: Hovering over the 'from/to' fields will now quickly display the participants of a record.

  • Enhanced Activity Reports: You can now include call type—audio, message, or email—in the Activity Reports for more detailed insights.

  • Erasure Report: You can now schedule erasure reports showing the number of records marked for deletion.

  • Tag Deletion: Deleting a tag is now simpler; the system only lists tags that are currently attached to a record.

  • Exporting Records: The system now provides a default filename when exporting records.

In addition to the features and improvements listed above, this release includes a series of bug fixes and other stabilization improvements that ensure a smoother and more efficient user experience.

We are constantly striving to make GuardREC® Compliance more useful and user-friendly, and we believe that this new version brings us one step closer to that goal. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing about your experience with the new update.

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