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GuardREC® Compliance 2022.05

May 2022

What´s new ⭐

  • Automatic transcription
    In this version of guardREC® Compliance, we are officially releasing automatic transcription enabling you to convert audio recordings to text automatically. The user can manually request a automatic transcription on a single recording, multiple recordings or all recordings in a case. With automatic transcription, you can now search for content in the audio recordings, enabling the compliance team to move away from random checks to targeted audits. 

  • Supported languages
    GuardREC® Compliance supports automatic transcription of 120 languages such as English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finish, German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc.  The automatic transcription also handles dialects in all languages very well.

  • Flexible search for words and phrases in transcriptions
    Instead of manually listening to a voice recording or reading through a transcript, the compliance officer can use the solution's flexible search possibilities in transcription and metadata.  Search for words and phrases in transcription that are of interest, such as "guaranteed return", "risk-free investment", "do not tell anyone", "this is between us", product names, tickers, etc., mentioned in a conversation. Search results are highlighted in yellow in the transcript and voice recording. This frees the compliance officer from much manual work. 

  • Search in both text and audio You can now search in both text-based and audio-based communication, such as for words, phrases, product names, tickers, and more. Search across the entire range of both voice and text-based recordings with a single search. The recordings that contain the specific terms the compliance officer is searching for are filtered out in the list view. This frees compliance from manual work who can instead focus on the content of the recordings.

  • Batch transcription of callsThe solution now supports batch transcriptions of recordings from a search result or a case.

  • Background jobs
    All transcription jobs are now started as background jobs. Continue working in the application while the automatic transcription is processing in the background. All jobs and statuses are visible in the job overview list on the administration pages.

  • Synchronized replay of audio and transcriptionWhen replaying a transcribed call, spoken sentences are highlighted in the transcription. The transcipritons are stored and linked to the corresponding voice recordings, enabling the compliance officer can listen to the voice recording and read the transcription simultaneously and synchronously in the guardREC® Compliance application. The voice segments are timestamped based on which sentence is read in the transcript. This makes it easy to retrieve the segment in the voice recording you are looking for and frees the compliance officer time

  • Replay calls from specific sentences in the transcriptionsClick on a specific sentence in the transcription to start replaying the call from that exact point in time.

  • Manual edit transcriptionsIn cases where the compliance officer makes findings and needs a 100% accurate transcript for further documentation and reporting purposes, it may be necessary to edit the automatic transcription. This version has built-in support for manual editing of the automatic transcriptions. 

  • Export transcriptions to WordIn need of further documentation, guardREC® Compliance supports easy export of transcriptions to a complete chronologically structured Word format (Docx). Transcriptions can be exported individually or in batches. The export includes, among other things:

    • Reference/link to the corresponding voice recording.

    • Time stamps so it is easy to see which sentence is being said when

    • Associated metadata as from number, to number, date, and time


Improvements 🛠

  • WhitelistThe whitelist editor has been improved with tooltips and help texts to make it easier to understand for a user what to enter.

  • Forgot passwordOn the login screen, there is now an option to reset the password by using the “Problems logging in” link. An email with a link and confirmation code is sent to the user to create a new password.

  • Search improvementsEmail and phone number search has been improved to give better and more accurate results to the user. Text filters are simplified and the new content filter searches in both transcribed text and message content.

  • General
    There has been several minor improvements and corrections:

    • Bulk action for adding tags to recordings

    • AD sync improvements

    • Selecting same date in filter automatically sets timespan with the same day

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