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GuardREC® Compliance 2022.01

Jan, 2022

What´s new ⭐

  • Automatic transcription (pilot) You can now try out automatic transcription of recorded calls. Just select a recorded call and choose Start transcription. The processing time is about half the time of the call duration. The text result will be stored on the associated call. Transcribed calls are searchable, enabling you to search for words or phrases in the transcribed call. Contact to get access to the pilot.

  • Search results are highlighted in transcribed text Search results are now highlighted in the transcribed text.

  • Review Queues (1st phase) We know it is difficult to work risk-based. A very large amount of recordings makes it difficult to identify potential risks. One important challenge is that Compliance officers are typically limited to performing manual searches and checks. We are working on enabling guardREC® Compliance to assist you in identifying recordings with potential risks and populate these in "Review queues" for compliance audits. This will enable compliance to improve their risk-based approach by focusing on the important rather than a large amount of data.

    In the 1st phase of the Review Queues feature, we have made it possible for you to save searches as dynamic views. You can create multiple views based on frequently used filter criteria, such as specific words or phrases in a transcribed call or chat, specific Smart Tags, Users, User Groups, etc. You can quickly switch between the saved views to check if there are new recordings matching your criteria. Spend less time on manually adding filters and performing searches and more time on focusing on the content.

  • Participants search filter Speed up search and retrieval with the new Participants search field. When using the Participants search field, you are searching in both the From, To, User and Clients columns. You can also enter both phone numbers, email addresses, user names. That means you no longer need to manually add multiple filters such as the From/To, User, or Client filter before starting a search. The participants search field is pinned to the sidebar by default for quick access.

  • Played by non-compliance search filter Do you want to audit the calls that have been replayed by a recorded employee? Just add the played by non-compliance filter.

  • New replay speedsSpeed up your audits. Choose between the following speeds when replaying a recorded call: 0.75x, 1.00x , 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75, and 2.00x.


  • Ends-with search filter We know that many compliance officers prefer to search the last digits instead of the first digits in a phone number. In this version, we have made it possible to search "ends with". For example,  searching for "3848" will display all calls ending with this number, i.e. +479483848, +460406223848... etc. No more need to worry about entering the right prefix when searching for phone numbers.

  • Be notified if there are no new recordings after certain daysEmail notification and in-system alarm can be triggered if there are no new recordings received on a particular source, such as Bloomberg chat,  after a configurable amount of days.

  • guardREC® Compliance for Leaddesk We have now added support for compliance recording of Leaddesk.

  • New presets for date and time Quickly select between the following date and time presets: Today (default), Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 365 days and Custom.

  • New button for adding advanced search filters Adding advanced search filters, such as Smart Tags, User Groups Device types, etc., is now done by clicking on the filter button.


Improvements 🛠

  •  Some customers frequently experienced the "Session invalid error" message. This is now fixed.

  • Other speed and performance improvements

  • Other bug fixes 

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