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The Export feature in GuardREC® Compliance allows you to export your recorded data easily. You have the option to filter the data based on specific dates, users, clients, and other relevant criteria, enabling you to select exactly what data to export. This feature is especially useful when requested during audits by financial supervisory authorities.

With our Export feature, you can export all types of recorded data, including audio, messages, and email records. Additionally, you can choose to export metadata files per record, which includes information such as users and clients associated with the records. If available, you can also choose to include transcriptions for audio records in your export.

Finally, our Export feature also allows you to generate summary reports. This includes a CSV file with metadata for all records, making it easy to review large volumes of exported data. By providing the ability to export only the relevant data and generate summary reports, our Export feature streamlines your compliance processes and enables you to provide auditors with the information they need to evaluate your compliance.

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